Lengiprotrans - Activity

Lengiprotrans PJSC performs full range of design and survey works for the objects of transport infrastructure.

The range of fulfilled works is as follows:

Design of railroads and highways;
Design of railroad junctions and stations, external railroad approaches and access lines to deposits, industrial enterprises, and ports;
Design of electrification for railroads, power supply systems, signaling, centralization and blocking system, communication and data transmission systems;
Design of bridges, tunnels, overhead roads, overhead crossings, and other engineering structures;
Design of transport, industrial, and civil buildings, water supply, sewage, and heat supply systems;
Organization of full complex of engineering and ecological survey for construction including stability and reliability analysis of constructions in adverse climatic and geologic conditions;
Performing customer-developer functions in land surveying.
Lengiprotrans PJSC performs development of all the design stages for transport construction and civil engineering: FEED; feasibility studies; projects; detailed designs; working documentation.
The structure of the Company contains a group on organization of train traffic and cost estimates. Its specialists perform economic surveys and calculations to determine feasibility and effectiveness of railroad object construction, working capacity and design size of passenger and freight traffic.
Specialists of Lengiprotrans PJSC perform design of transport development master plans including complex of works connected with the arrangement of all the equipment of railroad infrastructure according to the accepted technological solutions.
At development of projects, environment impact estimation and development of recommendations on environment protection are performed.
At construction of objects, Lengiprotrans PJSC performs field supervision on observance of the accepted design solutions.
While performing project and survey works, special attention is paid to the use of the state-of-the-art technologies:
  • Automation of project and survey works and C&MA (cost and management accounting);
  • Technical Equipment.
  • All the works performed by Lengiprotrans PJSC are licensed. They are performed in accordance with the requirements of the international Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.